The pandemic situation has effected almost all the people in this planet. Many of the poeple miss to go out,missing friends, many miss the schools and daily routines, others miss jobs.. BiMedia (Republic of North Macedonia – webmedia) has interviewed an ex volunteer from USA, who used to volunteer in Tetovo, North Macedonia, for two years. She told us a little bit of her experiences in North Macedonia, also she explained for us the actual situation with coronavirus in USA, how that effected on her and how is she dealing with it.

Alessia Bauman, case manager from Buffalo, New York – Peace Corp volunteer in Tetovo, North Macedonia – teaching enlgish language at schools.

BiMedia: First tell us, how is life there after your Peace corp mission in Macedonia, did u miss your homeland?

Alessia Bauman:  I did miss my beautiful city of Buffalo. It is the city I grew up in and knew everything about. But now after spending two years in Tetovo, I also view that as my home. When I left in November…it was difficult. Saying goodbye to my students some of which I had great relationships with. Saying goodbye to my family in terace that took me in like their third daughter. And then saying good bye to my friends that became my family in two years. So yeah I did miss buffalo but I also miss Tetovo.

BiMedia: Can you tell us a little bit about the situation with coronavirus there?

Alessia Bauman: In Buffalo everything is closed except essential places like pharmacies, gas stations and grocery stores. Restaurants are only doing take out. This week two restaurants got caught being open and the city fined them 10,000 dollars. So we are taking this seriously but there are people in the city that are not.

BiMedia: How did this situation effect in your life (daily routine, work or school)?

Alessia Bauman:  I haven’t left my home other than going to the store in almost two weeks. One of my job is a case manager where I go visit people with disabilities and check on their health. Now with the Corona virus I am working from home and I am just phone calling them once a week instead of doing in person visits. Then my second job was waitressing at a restaurant. They have let me go but have promised to rehire me once this situation in done. So I am missing half of my income at this time.

BiMedia: How do you spent your time during quarantine?

Alessia Bauman: I work 8-4 monday -friday. After that I just watch Netflix or video chat with the people I miss.

BiMedia: What would be the first thing you will do when all this situation is over?

Alessia Bauman: Go to restaurant with a patio and enjoy the sun light and fresh air for hours.

BiMedia: What message would you give to our readers about this situation?

Alessia Bauman: Even if you do not take this situation seriously, out of respect for the people around you please stay in. I know it isn’t ideal or pleasant but sometimes there are situations that are more important than your social well being.



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