Interview with Sophie Aroesty- St. Louis, Missouri USA, Also by the way in Macedonia she was a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at SEEU

BiMedia : First tell us, how is life there after your Fullbright mission in Macedonia, did u missed your homeland

Sophie: Life is very strange here in my hometown, which is St. Louis, Missouri. I had to leave North Macedonia because of the worldwide situation. My program ended early and I evacuated. When I came home, I had to quarantine away from my mom. The whole town is shut down. It’s nice to be home, but also it doesn’t really feel like I’m back in America, since I haven’t gone anywhere.

BiMedia : Can you tell us a little bit about the situation there?

Sophie: The government ordered people to stay at home, but it’s more of a recommendation. Non-essential businesses were asked to close. Some people still have to work at their jobs, so those people are still out. Otherwise, people only really go out for walks or to buy things they need.

BiMedia : How did this situation effect in your life (daily routine, work or school) ?

Sophie: It affected everything. I had to move out early from North Macedonia and end my job and life there. I had to cancel all the plans I had for the next few months. It was really heartbreaking.

BiMedia : How do you spent your time during quarantine?

Sophie: I’m trying to keep up with some of the responsibilities I had as an English teacher in North Macedonia by working remotely, though it’s difficult. I’ve been catching up with family members, moving back into my house and getting settled here, and going for walks, exercising, and cooking.

BiMedia :What would be the first thing you will do when all this situation is over?

Sophie: Go out for coffee!

BiMedia : What message would you give to our readers about this situation?

Sophie: Hang in there, and make sure you check out all the great resources online for things like exercising at home or taking online classes. (Especially American Corner Tetovo!)

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